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Software Re-Publishing and Distribution

HEISOFT had been a major player in the field of professional machine translation applications since the early 1990s. In 1989, HEISOFT gained considerable attention with the introduction of the first PC-based automatic machine translation system, GLOBALINK. Until the 1990s, the very CPU-intensive machine translation had always been reserved for mainframes. With the PC product from the US company GLOBALINK, this type of application became usable on PC systems and palmtops at low cost.

HEISOFT introduced this machine translation system for the first time in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In the 1990s, HEISOFT developed its own machine translation server applications, which enabled large companies to automate multilingual communication efficiently.

Products from SYSTRAN, REVERSO and PROMT were among the machine translation systems marketed in Re-Publishing, which HEISOFT successfully brought to market as a server application for large companies in the late 1990s using the proprietary HEISOFT Translation Center HTC.

HEISOFT Publishing AG was thus one of the pioneers of professional linguistic solutions for the advancing industrial globalisation in German-speaking countries and was able to successfully develop these activities further until the end of 2021, although this area has become less important for company value creation in recent years.

In view of the changed market situation in the field of machine translation the Executive Board of HEISOFT Publishing AG decided to discontinue this business field after 30 years at the end of 2021 and not to pursue it further in business terms.